Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Art for Book to Encourage Reading

This barn owl, Barny, is skateboarding his way through the pages of a new e-book which teaches young readers about vowels and vowel combinations.  Double vowel sounds like ai, ou, ee - are taught in a rhyme that is fun to read for a group that just might need the most help.  If they don't, its because the popular culture has some great reads!  Graphic novels once were talked about like they would help the skateboard culture learn to read.  Turns out, many skaters not only wrote them, but illustrated them too.  Who knew those guys could even read, yet, huh?

Watch Barny Pail to Skate:

Monday, May 26, 2014

Faerie Heads and Fairy Houses

Distressed Heart Pots
like these for plants.
Whether your idea of fairies is butterfly wings with flower petal dresses, or tree spirits with a magical presence, fae elements for the garden are everywhere.  Fairy houses are fun and whimsical while a more daunting variety look great as planters and fountains.  Raven Art Studio's most recent works include tree spirits and sprites gracing pouch pots and garden wall sculptures.

Fairy House Competition

June 24th is Fairy Day!! 
We're holding a fundraiser for studio expansion and an outdoor gallery. With plenty of natural elements, eco-art and gallery openings for improvements. 

This studio and shipping container gallery proposal has been accepted at Treehuggr - a Kickstarter eco-version.  
This isn't supposed to rob a bank for funding although its much better than one person at the fairy building house comptetion.  
There are improvements already!

This fundraiser is for studio ammenities like a floor, lighting, air purifier, work tables, ceiling beadboard, and utility sinks. The pottery and art for sale will provide funding pledgers with a reward to keep for helping us and this studio.

If you'd like to help from out of the area or can't make it locally, author Kara Skye Smith's FANTASY E-BOOKS FOR KIDS send proceeds - 70% - to the studio for repairs - The Faerie Ring Dance is a great book to read for Fairy Day. 
Today, June 20th and through June 23rd, Kara Skye Smith's novel, The Legend of Stygian Downs, is FREE for download onto readers and Kindle reader apps for phones and laptops.  
Find out what mysteries lie in the Underworld castle for Jessica and her new college chum. HERE:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Glazed and Fired Clay in the Yard

For anyone who likes clay sculpture in their garden, I have found a testament to the feasibility and longevity of glazed clay outdoors.  My sons' school had done an art project asking children to create animal tiles in regular, fireable, play clay and then glaze them.

My children were in elementary school at the time.  Now, with two college students and a high school senior, I was pleasantly reminded - on a walk the other day - about the project in the school garden.  The tiles and mural are as vibrant as ever and holding up under the elements, looking just like the day they were installed.